All CNC equipment used for rough machining

1.All equipment used NC rough finish
2.The company has fixed the suppliers of raw materials, production flange 20 years of experience in management and strictly control costs

Forging ring machine, machining using CNC lathes, drilling using high speed U drill

3.The company day to produce 25T-30T, a scientific and delivery process to ensure the fastest delivery
4.Using forged ring rolling machine, CNC lathe machining, drilling drilling using high-speed U
5.Germany imported portable spectrometer direct reading instrument, retest raw material

From pre sales to after sales we have a professional follow-up team, customer service

6.The company has a professional R & D team to ensure product quality and production process to update and Development
7. The company has a quality control personnel 23 people including 15 service and the quality of work the company more than 8 years 
8.From pre-sales to after-sales follow-up we have a professional team of customer service